Brian Fabbi For West Valley City

Meet Brian Fabbi

I am pleased to announce that I am running for House District 31 in the Utah State Legislature as a member of the United Utah Party.  I am running for office because I have seen the polarization and partisanship escalate in this country, and in our state; and I believe that it is necessary to elect honest, hardworking individuals who will put principles before party and find common ground and practical solutions to the problems facing our state.  I am such a person.  I will work with anyone, regardless of their politics, if they have a good idea that I believe will work.  Our party is a moderate, centrist party that believes in practical, not partisan solutions, and we seek to promote a more respectful, reasonable, and civil society in a time when those traits are missing even at the highest levels of government. That is what I will do when elected.

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While there are many issues of national importance, I want to focus on the local issues we face in our neighborhoods, our schools, and in West Valley City.  This page will contain my views and ideas on the local issues we face.  I don't want this to be just the issues I care about, so please share with me the issues you care about in our community, and I will include that here, and my views.


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Running a political campaign is a lot of work, and is more than just the efforts of one person.  I need your help to make this campaign work, and so we can make a difference together. 


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